Let's Go Blonde!

Colour correcting from dark to light is often a multiple step process. When hair has been coloured darker multiple times there becomes a build-up of colour which can take time to remove. If supermarket colour has been used this process becomes even more difficult. Colour DOES NOT LIGHTEN colour. Your hair will require multiple applications of a powder lightener to “dissolve” the artificial pigments. We cannot predict how many sessions your target colour will take to achieve.

When darker hair is being lightened, warmer underlying pigments (Red, Orange, and Yellow) will be exposed. Toners can counteract this warmth but eventually fade. If your target shade is a cool/ashy/silvery blonde, this cannot be achieved until ALL the warm pigments have been removed. Your hair will be warmer on your journey to blonde. We recommend purple shampoos (Platinum Blonde Anti-Yellow, Blonde Plus, Blonde Shampoo) to help counteract warm pigments in between salon visits. Supermarket shampoos and excessive heat styling will fade your toner quicker.

Your stylist will recommend a high quality shampoo, treatment and conditioner to use at home.

Your stylist may recommend using Nak Structure Complex. Structure Complex prevents bond breakage while lightening and protects bonds over time. Step 1 is mixed with your colour, Step 2 is a treatment at the basin and Step 3 is a take-home treatment to use once a week. If your hair condition is compromised your stylist may decline lightening services without the use of Structure Complex in order to protect the integrity of your hair and our results.

Colour corrections are a multiple step process and you may require multiple sessions to achieve your target shade. Your homecare directly affects the longevity of your colour and we cannot guarantee your colour if you are not using recommended products.

If you would like to be a blonde bombshell book in with us for a free consultation where we can assess your hair and what steps we need to take to achieve your dream colour!

written by @dani_profilehair