Let's Be Brunette!

Colour correcting from light to dark is often a multiple step process. When hair has been lightened to blonde (with powder lightener) the natural pigments have been dissolved which gives your hair the light appearance.

When colouring back to dark, the process is different. Artificial pigments “attach” to the natural pigments in your hair when you apply a darker colour. If your hair is lacking natural pigment, the colour cannot “grab” and can appear dull or washed out and will require multiple applications to ensure full colour saturation. Your hair may require two or more colour applications to achieve desired depth and colour. Supermarket shampoos and excessive heat styling will fade your colour quicker.

Your stylist will recommend a high quality shampoo, treatment and conditioner to use at home. When your hair is in healthy condition, colours will last longer.

Colour corrections are a multiple step process and you may require a double or triple process to achieve your target shade. Your homecare directly affects the longevity of your colour and we cannot guarantee your colour if you are not using recommended products.

If you would like to deepen your colour and join the brunette family book in with us for a free consultation where can assess your hair and what steps are necessary to achieve your dream colour!

written by @dani_profilehair