All About Terre a Mer!

Are you looking to tame your frizzy hair? Does it seem to take forever to smooth your hair straight? Do you wish there was a way to improve the condition of your hair and take away boofiness? Terre a Mer is the answer!

What is it?

Terre a Mer is an intensive rejuvenation treatment that completely repairs and restores the hair with keratin amino acids leaving the hair smooth and straight.

How does it work?

Keratin penetrates the hair shaft to restore from the inside out, resulting in relaxed hair that is conditioned, frizz-free, silky and shiny.

How long does it last?

Terre a Mer will last 3-4 months with correct home-care products. However, majority of our Terre a Mer clients only require treatment once or twice a year.

Is there any down-time or additional processing?

Nope! You can wash your hair, tie it up, and use clips or bobby pins immediately after having Terre a Mer. It is also safe to use on coloured or highlighted hair!

To learn more about how Terre a Mer can save you valuable styling time, book a free consultation to find out how this can change your hair and change your life!

Check out our before and after photos below!

The first photo shows the hair before treatment, after shampooing and drying off.

The second photo shows the hair immediately after Terre a Mer. It has been dried off with NO brushes and NO straighteners used. See how much smoother and relaxed the hair is!

The third photo is after straightening irons are used for a super sleek finish!

written by @dani_profilehair